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Individual Therapy

Anxiety is a broad term that encompasses a variety of symptom presentations. In order to individualize a treatment plan, the therapy process begins with a thorough diagnostic evaluation. This 90-120 minute session involves clinical interview and completion of questionnaires that provide a comprehensive understanding of symptoms and an accurate diagnosis. This information is used to inform the treatment plan including the specific, proven techniques that will be integrated to reduce symptoms and maladaptive coping behaviors. Both immediate and long-term goals will be discussed and mutually agreed upon.


Subsequent therapy sessions will include education regarding thought and behavior patterns that can lead to anxiety’s interference in your daily life followed by the learning of active skills and strategies for overcoming these patterns.


The recommended length and frequency of sessions is dependent upon the individual’s symptom severity and goals, but most commonly a CBT protocol will involve weekly sessions, with each session ranging from 45-55 minutes in duration.


Specifics for Kids/Teens

Anxiety can become highly intertwined in your family dynamic and may even feel like an additional family member. Because of this I believe it is highly important to equip parents with skills for effectively supporting and responding to their child’s anxiety symptoms. Regardless of the child’s age, I keep parents informed and involved along the way. For very young children or those children experiencing significant behavioral issues, some sessions may consist primarily of parent-coaching.


When treating anxiety, collaboration is key. Your child’s symptoms may present challenges within the school setting and may even be impacting their academic success or attendance. I want your child to feel confident in managing their anxiety symptoms across contexts and therefore am also happy to coordinate and communicate with their school staff when needed.

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